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Organizational Behaviour

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Assignment Task 4 – suggested length 1000 words
Using Pfeffer’s model of organizational commitment, evaluate whether the introduction of a group project in an undergraduate module would improve student commitment. Suggest three further changes that the Essex Business School could implement to gain more commitment from our students. For each suggestion, explain why you think this would work, with reference to academic theory, and what result you would anticipate from the changes.
Start date: 6th November 2014
Discuss in class: w/c 10th November 2014
Submission: Monday 12th January, 2015

Assignment task 5 – suggested length 500 words
Should managers try to control organizational culture?
This assignment should present short, concise points for and against. It should be presented in the form of notes that you might use in a formal debate, with references listed to support each point. You do not need to give the full text you might use in a debate, just a list of key points you would discuss, and relevant empirical examples or theories to support the claims. You should include a short paragraph giving a conclusion and taking a position in this debate and explaining why you take that position.
Start date: 27th November 2014
Discuss in class: w/c 1st December 2014
Submission: Monday 12th January, 2015

Assignment task 6 – suggested length 600 words

To what extent is this image an apt metaphor for the way (a) people, and (b) organizations, tend to relate to technological ‘progress’? Given that not everyone benefits from developments in new technology, which groups of people could the pig represent?


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