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Pediatric nursing Article Critique

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Guideline for Scholarly Pediatric nursing Article Critique
Select an article from the peer-reviewed journal list provided with a publication date of five year or less (2009-2014) this article critique will be: Pediatric health content
• Two pages in length (not including the cover page or the reference page)
• Typed, double-spaced using font per APA format
• Must be written by a nurse
• Must be Pediatric health content
Abstract: a general overview of the paper that provide the purpose, methodology, results/findings and conclusions

Methodology 20 pts
The methodology is the blueprint of the study that provides detail of the purpose, result, finding and conclusions.
? Important to concentrate fully on information provided here help to understand the entire article.

Research Design 20pts
What is being measured?
What variable are presented?
What are the sampling instrument?
Is the data analysis presented in a clear and measureable format?
Sample 5 pts
Instrumentation 5 pts
Data Analysis 5 pts

Literature review 20 pts
The literature review is very important.
References should have a complete bibliography not older than five years.
Without this review the data analysis does not have validity.
Relevance 20 pts
Is the article relevant to your course of study?
Can you relate it theoretically, clinically, age specifics?
Growth/Development scale
Conclusions 5 points
• Attach the original article you used

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