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Peframing Organizations

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Use concepts from the assigned reading to analyze the design of an organization or organizational subunit (e.g., division, group, team, committee) with which you are familiar.
1)Discuss the strengths and weaknesses that derive from the organizational or subunit design.

2)Is it effectively designed given the structural imperatives (see textbook, p. 61)?

3) Does it need restructuring?

4) Give and justify at least two recommendations for improvements in the design of the organization or subunit.

5)Write in the form of a memorandum to a relevant manager in the organization. Include a brief description of the organization or subunit unless you have already done so as requested during the first assignment of Lesson One .


(A)Two double-spaced pages in 11- or 12-point font.

(B)The assignment is graded (15% weight). Grading criteria follow:
1.Structural characteristics of the organization/subunit are clearly presented (20%)
2.Strengths and weaknesses of the design are clearly presented (20%)
3.Recommended changes are presented and justified (20%)
4.Memo is well-planned, well-written, and logically organized (20%)
5.Memo makes accurate use of relevant concepts and theories (20%)
(C)ONLY One Reference needed which is :”•Reframing Organizations, chapters 1-5″ by Lee G.Bolman

(D)My backgroud is I’m emergency Doctor head of Emergency Department

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