performance management in organization.

performance management in organization.

Description: Graduation Projects Bachelor of Business Administration, Major in HRM Guidelines to conduct a research project 1- Choose your research topic This is the
starting point. You must select a research topic. ‘But how?’, Would you ask. Well, there is no recipe for that. Some choose their topic based on prior
readings in the field. For example, you may have taken a “Performance Management” class last semester and you may want to deepen your knowledge
in this area; so you will decide to work on performance management. Others may proceed differently. Some working students may wish to work on
practical topics with which they are faced at work. Assume that you are working at, say, Etisalat. You’re an HR officer in the training and development
division and you fell that work procedures at your workplace can be improved. So you will decide to work on training and development. In a nutshell:
research topic comes from you (in theory at least!) and your supervisor’s work is to validate it. 2-Write your research question After you read a few
articles, you should be able to identify your research question. Research question will tell us what exactly you want to analyze within the topic that you
have chosen. The student who will be working on Performance Management may choose the following research question “What are the determinants of
PM success?”. So he will focus his research on this particular little area and will try to bring answers. Another example; the working student may want to
address the following research question “How is training managed at Etisalat? What are the major problems and how can they be fixed? 3-Literature
review Now you have your research question. You will start digging a bit. You will read articles, chapters of books and, may be also, some references on
the Internet. Here is a list of things you should absolutely do when you start reading. *Search for articles that are relevant to your research question. An
easy way is to enter you research question (literally!) in Google’s search box. *Download and save papers on your personal computers. *No need to read
papers entirely. Sometimes a few short passages are enough to guide you. *Remember, all papers that you read should be in your references. *Organize
your chapter. Identify sections first, then you can identify sub-sections for each section. Start writing when you feel that you’ve read enough
papers/chapters. 4-Design your research method Great! Your first chapter is completed. Congratulations. The second chapter is not about theory. In fact,
you will conduct an empirical research (field investigation) to verify your research question. At this stage, you should ask yourself the following question”
based on my research question, what research design should I use?”. To simplify things, there are two different methods. First, the quantitative method.
This method is often used to analyze the impact of a variable on another one. It’s mainly about numbers and statistics. The second method is called
qualitative. This approach is called interpretative because the goal of the research is not to verify causal effects but to interpret or understand a
phenomenon. 5-Create your data collecting tools After your research method is being chosen, you will have to create the tools to collect data.
simple, you will use the questionnaire if your research design is quantitative while you will use the interview guide if your research design is qu 0 m x
6-Analyze your data You have your data. You will analyze it. Your supervisor will assist you in making sense of your empirical findings. At this Memm‘iafl:
will be asked to compare your results with the literature. 7-Write your empirical section, the introduction and conclusion You have identified yo
you created your tools, you went on field and collected data, and you analyzed your data. Now, put it all together in a chapter. This will be you
and second chapter. After you finish this chapter, write your project’s conclusion and introduction.


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