philosophy of leadership

philosophy of leadership

3 (or so) page paper describing your philosophy of leadership. Include your beliefs on:
a)      what leadership means to you,
b)      how would you characterize your philosophy on leadership (potentially including your own personal definition)
c)       how you came to understand the notion of leadership/what shaped your understanding of leadership, and,
d)      what leadership in an engineering context looks like for you
Leadership Phiosophy Part A
Leadership Phiosophy Part A
Criteria    Ratings    Pts
Content: The degree to which you respond to all the specific items in the assignment. The degree to which a you indicate recall and understanding of the material and concepts covered in the course.
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You fully incorporated each element of the assignment
5 pts    You do a good job of touching on each question in the assignment, but some sections are stronger than others
4 pts    You may not have fully touched on one of the questions of the assignment or your content was lacking depth.
3 pts    Your content is mostly descriptive and lacks depth
2 pts    Major deficincies are present or you missed an entire question.
1 pts
5 pts
Introspection, Elaboration and Synthesis: The degree to which you are insightful, thoughtful, innovative and self-aware in the application of course concepts to your individual experiences. The degree to which you provide detail, depth and development in written work. I will be looking for the student’s ability to reason and provide rationales for conclusions, the extent of critical thinking, the development of examples and analogies, and the application of leadership concepts. The degree to which you “brings it all together” and incorporates leadership theory in the creation of new insights, unique products and/or creative solutions.    Your writing demonstrates your introspections and ability to synthesize. You demonstrate a keen sense of self in your writing. Your written work shows depth
3 pts    You take more of a descriptive or analytical approach. You include a great amount of detail, but your writing lacks reflection.
2 pts    You don’t put YOU at the center of the writing. Your paper does not help the reader to learn about you and your leadership philosophy.
1 pts
3 pts
Form: The care and clarity with which you complete papers and presentations. Written assignments should be of very high quality. Grammar, syntax, punctuation and structure of assignments should support and enhance the concepts that the student intends to convey. The organization, clarity and polish of the group presentation should do the same.    Your paper is free of errors. It is beautifully written and demonstrates clarity.
2 pts    Your paper is well-written, but could benefit from improved writing. It may include some errors. The style could have been improved
1 pts    Your paper is written in a way where the reader is unclear of your ideas. When the writing gets in the way of your thoughts.
0 pts
2 pts
Total Points: 10


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