“Pic: Comparison Between Both Works of Literature

“Pic: Comparison Between Both Works of Literature
Study Books Used in Class: 0
-A Midsummer Night’s Dream By WIlliam Shakespeare
-Angels In America By Tony Kushner
Description: For this essay, you will need to compare: A Midsummer Nights Dream by William Shakespeare and Angels in America, by Tony Kushner, in order to make
an argument about the similarities and differences in the way that the two texts present an image, an idea, a place (real or imagined), a formal textual
feature, or some other point of commonality that the two texts share. In articulating your argument, you need to identify the basis for comparison
between the two texts, and provide an explanation for why it matters. Your essay must be 1000-1200 words (approximately 4 pages), and you must
follow all of the formatting guidelines provided on the syllabus. General advice: 64: Your essay needs an introduction, but donét waste words with
sweeping generalizations. Start the essay where it begins: with the text you are discussing. 64: Your essay needs a conclusion, but your conclusion
shouldnét simply restate what youéve already said. Instead, use your concluding paragraph to take the final logical step in your argument, or use it to
take your argument a step further. 64: Your essay should be built around textual analysis rather than plot summary. Donét just tell us what the text does
or says; show us what the text does or says. And then explain what you believe it is doing and how this fits in with the argument you are making. 64:
Select your evidence carefully. You need to quote from the text, and the quotes that you choose to analyze need to be the most relevant possible
material you can find to support your argument.


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