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Play project for infants

Order Description

• Choose any kind of play appropriate for Infant. State the function of play ( it has to be something you created not something you can buy from store).
• Name specific characteristics of play for Infants
• Describe your toy/game
• State how toy meets developmental needs
• Explain why you chose this toy/game
• Explain how this toy will benefit/stimulate the child
• Identify limitations of the hospitalized child
• Explain how your toy/game is appropriate for the hospitalized child.
• Identify child safety considerations
• Describe the safety features of your toy/game
• Name one method of play therapy
• Describe how play therapy is used in the hospital
• Identify how play therapy can be utilized to help the hospitalized child in your selected age group
• Paper typed with correct spelling and grammar
• Ideas presented in a clear and concise manner
• Creative with evidence of time spent
• Three appropriate references selected
• References typed in correct APA format

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