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Please use your own words to answer these following questions, and try to expand your explanation detailed.
Chapter Discussion Questions #5 – Chapters 6, 7 & 8
1. (Ch. 6) Howard Becker’s labeling theory argues that no act is deviant until a society labels it as deviant. Explain why Becker and other sociologists, like David Rosenhan, believe that labeling can have long-lasting effects on the individual who is labeled a deviant. .
2. (Ch. 6) Studies show that people from higher socioeconomic backgrounds tend to live longer and report feeling healthier than people from the lower classes. What are some explanations for this phenomenon?
3. (Ch. 7) According to Max Weber, the traditional source of wealth – owning the means of production – isn’t the only factor in determining social status. How does Weber conceptualize power and prestige? Why does he argue that power and prestige, in addition to material wealth, are important factors in determining a person’s social status?
4. (Ch. 8) What is the difference between individual discrimination and institutional discrimination?

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