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‘Power comes to its limits where threat must be used to terrorize recipients into acceptance of values… [Discuss this statement with regard to the phenomenon of mass imprisonment and Nils Christie’s (2000) idea of ‘dangerous states’.

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The essay is an opportunity for students to undertake independent research and to develop their written communication skills. The purpose of this task is to read widely and establish links between theories of punishment and practical policy developments in criminal justice, applying insights from the unit content on social analysis and philosophy of punishment. More importantly, the essay topics provide you with the opportunity to think through the issues for yourself rather than reiterating the established knowledge. Marks will be awarded for research, argument and critical engagement with the course material and also creative conceptualisations.

Keep returning to your essay question and check your response is relevant and adequate to it. You must develop a position on the essay topic and not just summarise the literature. You should assert an argument in your introduction and then provide supporting evidence throughout the remainder of your essay.

Plan/structure your essay, including an introduction and conclusion (about 150 words each) and use your notes to design the structure of your argument and allocate paragraphs, with topic sentences, for your various points.

Check that your paragraph formatting is clear and that your paragraphs are not too long (aim for about 100 words per paragraph). Make sure the topic of each paragraph is indicated in the first sentence and that each paragraph contributes to the overall topic. Use simple yet varied sentence structures but do NOT use dot points.

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