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write a one page single spaced précis over Sophie Scholl and the White Rose. What is a précis? A précis is a concise summary. Your first task is to summarize the main theme of the book. Identification of the main theme, however, is not enough. You will need to discuss it and support how the author examines it with at least one substantial example. Secondly, you must discuss and provide a weakness of the work. The grading rubric for your précis is as follows: Thesis identification (T): Did you identify the main thesis (Don’t summarize the entire book. Just identify the main theme)? Did you support it with some examples? Did you find any flaws in the work? Do you support these flaws with an example or two? Grammar and Readability (G/R): Grammar: Anything that appears on the “Don’t List” and anything within the English language are fair game in determining the grammatical strength of your work. This also includes proper citation. Readability: This goes hand and hand with grammar. Did you fail to proofread? Do your sentences make sense? Are your sentences active, and therefore not passive, in nature? Can the reader understand what you are trying to say? Do your paragraphs make sense? Do they have a statement sentence that tells the reader where the paragraph is supposed to go? Are they supported by supportive sentences (with evidence) that support your claim? Are your paragraphs in order? Are your paragraphs too long (Should you break it into two)? Are they too short (should it be combined)? Additional Guidelines: Use twelve-point Times New Roman Font and single-space your paper. I will deduct points from your work if you fail to do either of these. • No more than one full page in length! No shorter than one full page in length! I will deduct points from your work if either occurs. It should be noted that a half page is not one full page. • Do not, under any circumstances, divide your work up into sections with headers, such as: Summary and Conclusion. • When using a direct-quote (do not over quote; a good rule to follow is to save quotes for key moments) be sure to cite it. • Paraphrasing is an accepted practice in our profession, but be sure to know the difference between it and plagiarism. If you paraphrase, always cite, at the end of the paragraph, where you got the info. • For citation purposes, you may use footnotes/endnotes (Turabian/Chicago Style) or MLA format.

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