PRINCE2 Evaluation

PRINCE2 Evaluation;

a) Critically evaluate the reasons why PRINCE2 suggests a controlled start of a project that contains two processes: Starting Up a Project and Initiating a Project
(5 marks)
b) Use your reasoning above to explain why PRINCE2 suggests the following eight activities when Initiating a Project: Prepare the Risk Management Strategy; Prepare the Quality Management Strategy; Prepare the Configuration Management Strategy; Prepare the Communication Management Strategy; Set Up Project Controls; Create Project Plan; Refine the Business Case; Assemble the Project Initiation Documentation.
(20 marks)

Answer/marking scheme
6a) Two statements on the purpose of these processes are needed here, together with a statement about the importance, within PRINCE2, of ‘control’.

The purpose of the Starting Up a Project process is to ensure that the prerequisites for initiating a project are in place by answering the question ‘Do we have a viable and worthwhile project?’
(2 marks)
The purpose of the Initiating a Project process is to establish solid foundations for the project, enabling the organization to understand the work that needs to be done to deliver the project’s products before committing to a significant spent
(2 marks)
Complete answer which mentions ‘control’
(1 mark)

6b) Students should draw from their assignment, which was essentially an Initiating a Project assignment.

The importance of each strategy in turn
4×3 = 12 marks
The importance of the Business Case                                                                                                     3 marks
The importance of a plan                                                                                                                          3 marks
Each of the above has a contribution towards ‘control’, which the answers should exploit.
Controls are tricky to understand, so expectation is limited halfway through the course           1 mark
PID                                                                                                                                                                1 mark

Question 7 Project Management Competences
Describe and critically evaluate any one of the project management competence frameworks, as defined by APM, PMI or IPMA.
(25 marks)

A description of the suggested types of competence is necessary. These could be longish, but marks will be allocated for describing the 3 types of competence (e.g. technical, behavioural and contextual)
(10 marks)
A description before the discussion is expected, if the answer is to have any structure.
The evaluation could be based on quotations regarding the major reasons for project failure to support the contents of these lists of competences. An alternative approach is to take a historical perspective of project management, where the shift and accumulation of skills may become evident.
(10 marks)
An essay showing understanding of the lists of project management competences and why they have evolved to the state they are now, supported with examples of what happens when a project manager commands only one section of these competences should score high)
The actual contents of each type of competence should be thorough but need not be complete.
An evaluation of these competence groups (e.g. which more important, which more difficult to acquire) required for distinctive mark.
(5 marks)


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