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Principles of Nonverbal Communication and Personal Presentation

After reading the chapter entitled “4.1 Principles and Functions of Nonverbal Communication”which can be found here http://2012books.lardbucket.org/books/a-primer-on-communication-studies/s04-01-principles-and-functions-of-no.html, answer the following questions:
1. Explain 2 of the 4 principles of nonverbal communication revealed in the chapter. Be sure to select the 2 principles that you believe are the most compelling and share the reasons for your selection in your response. Provide a paragraph for each and be sure to give an example of the principles from your life experiences, experiences of friends or relatives, or experiences you have seen in the media.
2. Our personal presentation, style of dress, and surroundings such as a bedroom, apartment/home, car, or office send nonverbal messages about our identities. Analyze some of the nonverbal signals that your personal presentation or environment send. What do they say about who you are? Do they create the impression that you desire?

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