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The following scenario represents a communication situation in a workplace. Read the memo below and then answer the questions below. To all staff: Subject: Meeting Three things for the meeting that you should think about ahead of time so you can come prepared to discuss. The schedupng of the reception desk continues to be a problem, we had it not covered twice this week alone. How to reorganize the space so we can fit in the new hires that start mid-month, Alan Gee who will assist Brenda, Martin O’Neil, the new hire for the customer service desk, and the other two are Selena Baraki and Dallas Smith, welcome additions to our staff. It was impressive to see the way everyone pitched in last week, we got so much accomppshed in so short of a time, you should all be congratulated. In any event, we will talk about that at the meeting also. Taken from Chan, J. (2009). Chapter 7: On the Page: What is Good Writing? In, Communication Skills for Managers, 5th Edition (pp. 97-112). American Management Association International Complete the following tasks: 1.Discuss the memo’s clarity, organization, and effectiveness in delivering a message. 2.Proofread the memo for grammar and punctuation. Point out at least one error. 3.Re-write the memo, improving its clarify and effectiveness.

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