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Project Management

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The Title: The influence of cultural diversity of a Chines team effectiveness on the productivity of an American internet company’s projects.

the subject is about Project Management of an American internet and communication company which has a chines team and the effect of this team and their culture differences on the productivity and effectiveness of the company’s projects.
i.e; how the chines team normally works and their routines , the number of hours and the amount of work , the way they receive and send information between them and the other teams , the language gap and barriers…etc.

All those differences Vs. and comparing to the American team and how the Americans do their job and how they could communicate with each other in the best possible way to have the best result for the interest of the company and how the company could use all these diversity between both teams in the best interest of the projects and how to mange this mixture of culture as an advantage and a feature and make it indispensable for the benefit of the company and its production which also might be the main reason to attract clients.

In the other hand how this mixture might effect badly on the company and it productivity with a lack of good and wise management from the mangers of the company.

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