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explain and expands on the emerging discourse related to procedural justice and Legitimacy. Include within the paper a discussion on a futures perspective of what this discourse holds for Public Administration as q whole, not just police and/ or courts. –Expectation for the paper: Write a ten-page paper with an minimum of ten references. The paper should written in third person. Public administration Title: The Next Decade: Empire and Republic in a Changing World Author(s): Friedman, George Publisher: Anchor Edition/Year: 2012 ISBN: 978-0-307-47639-5 Then, Expand on the focus of Friedman’s book along with the idea of procedural justice and legitimacy within public administration. In other words, how is the discourse of procedural justice and legitimacy relative to the future of the Republic/ Empire? What can/should we do in public administration to facilitate trust among citizens on multiple levels- not criminal justice. please add your opinion and explain why in one ore two paragraphs.

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