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Queensland Nickel Pty Ltd v Cth [2015] HCA 12

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Discuss and analyse the significance of the following High Court cases in regard to its relevant area(s) of constitutional law and other cases in that area:

Queensland Nickel Pty Ltd v Cth [2015] HCA 12

1. Demonstrated familiarity with the relevant case; ?
2. Evaluation of arguments raised and decision made in the relevant case; ?
3. Development of argument and critical analysis concerning the relevant case, including ?consideration of majority and minority judgments; other case law in the relevant area and how the ?chosen case impacts this area of law generally; ?
4. Quality, structure and organisation of arguments and critical analysis including balancing counter ?arguments as relevant to support paper content; ?
5. Originality; ?
6. Quality of expression; ?
7. Quality and extent of research; ?
8. Standard of referencing as per AGLC3; ?
9. Presentation, including spelling, grammar and punctuation. ?

Additional Requirements
The assignment must extend beyond a simple case note and must not be a textbook style outline of the relevant field of constitutional law. Students who present a case note and/or text book style outline may not pass this assessment.
There must be both discussion of the case and analysis of the significance of the case in the context of other case law and accepted principles in that field of constitutional law.
There must be evidence of reasonable research on the topic using recent primary and secondary sources which should include a range of reputable and recent law journal articles. Text books are not sufficient sources of research and should be avoided as reference sources in your paper unless absolutely necessary.
Reasonable research is usually evident from the quality of discussion and analysis raised in the paper. It is also supported by diligent use of footnoting to demonstrate the various sources you have considered. Reading the entire case you are writing the assignment on is essential.
Standard of Referencing
Footnoting is expected to be used to a high standard in accordance with the AGLC3 and for law students at a third year level. All aspects of students’ discussion and analysis which draw on ideas and material written by others MUST then be acknowledged and the sources correctly attributed by way of a footnote. Purely internet sources should be used sparingly throughout the paper and should be adequately footnoted as per the AGLC3.
An assignment presented on the basis of internet sources alone may not pass this assessment.
Assignment Extensions & Review
If a student is absent for the submission date, it is the student’s responsibility to make alternative arrangements for early submission of the hard copy of the assignment or for a hard copy to be otherwise submitted by the due date.
If your circumstances warrant the need for an extension, or you would like to request an informal review of your assessment, please submit the relevant request forms at the law school office.
The “Review of Assessment” and “Request for Extension” forms are available in hard copy from the Law School office or from the Law School web site: http://www.jcu.edu.au/law Please note that all enquiries and concerns relating to assessment review and teaching and learning issues should, in the first instance, be addressed to the Lecturer/Subject Coordinator. The Head of School will not enter into discussion without evidence that the Lecturer/Subject Coordinator has been formally consulted.

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