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answer these six questions from 2 article I download and also use an other three book I will give you the name of it because I do not have a copy of it until now.
Alan P. Brache. How Organizations Work. Taking a Holistic Approach to Enterprise Health. ISBN: 0471200338. Published by: John Wiley & Sons, New York 2. Beverly Scott, Consulting on the Inside, Published by ASTD 3. Allison Rossett, First Things Fast A handbook for Performance Analysis, Second Edition, ISBN: 978-0-7879-8848-7 Published by: Pfeiffer/John Wiley & Sons, New York
(you will read the assigned case studies and articles providing an analysis that is responsive to the questions at the end of each case study or to guiding questions posed in the Elearning system. The questions and responses are to be clearly identified in the paper. Papers will also conclude with a summary paragraph(s) describing the main points of interest and learning for the individual student. The case studies will be the focus of class discussion (onsite & online) following the due date; consequently students will bring a printed copy of the case study article(s) and their paper(s) to class)
Points for discussion:

1. What is the primary assumption behind using an analyst?

2. What is the purpose behind the data collection?

3. Explain the impact of Figure 2-9

4. What is Gilbert’s assumption?

5. How do we determine the root cause?

6. Give an example of cause and effect analysis and its impact?

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