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Reflection of Personal Student Experience

Paper details:

Reflect on an interaction with a nurse manager, either positive or negative.
Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that:
• Identifies nurse administrator behaviors that provide a good practice environment.
• Identifies nurse administrator behaviors that do not provide a good practice environment.
• Selects nurse administrator behaviors you would incorporate into your own leadership style and explains why you chose them.
• Ascertains how a nurse administrator should handle situations of harassment, bullying, hearsay, and gossip in a practice environment.
Address the following questions:
• Did the process of completing the EthicsGame© case studies (problems with under staffing and nurse misusing narcotics meds), change the way you view your professional role as a nurse administrator?
• What is the importance of lifelong learning in developing your professional nursing role as a nurse administrator

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