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To help manage the load complete Higgins et al reading and Tilbury et al readings and answer:

What is the main message of the article?
[What do these authors want the reader to know?]
•What is the main argument of these authors?
[What do the authors really want the reader to think?]
•Are they questioning the use of Out Of Home Care (OOHC) for Indigenous children?
•What are they saying the problems are?
•Are there things the authors are saying that you agree with or disagree with?
•What questions does this reading raise for you in relation to child abuse as a social issue?
The reflection will be 500 words in length. References not included in the word count the marked reflection forms 20% of the final mark for the course. It is due one week after your week 6 tutorial.
Useful questions to assist with writing your reflections:
• What is my immediate personal response to this situation or information?
• What have others said and what has been written (academic literature) about this situation or information?
• What theories and values do my response and the perspectives of others reflect?
• What might be the consequences of those theories and values?
• having thought about or discussed this, what do I now think?
These are the two articles for the Reflective Journal, available at Google scholar
•Higgins D, Bromfield, L, Higgins J & Richardson N 2006, ‘Protecting Indigenous children: views of carers and young people on ‘out-of-home care”, Family Matters, vol. 75, pp. 42-9
• Tilbury, C 2013, ‘Child protection proceedings in the children’s court in Queensland: therapeutic opportunities lost’, Australian Journal of Family Law, vol. 27, no. 2, pp. 170-87

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