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Reflective Writing : The Carbon Cycle.

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how carbon moves through the atmosphere (as carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas), through the biosphere (as sugars and structural elements in living plants and animals), through fossil fuel deposits (as coal, oil, and other fossil carbon reserves) and through the industrial sector (where we burn fossil fuels to form carbon dioxide).
This reflective writing assignment asks you to compare several videos and graphs of annual variability of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
PROMPT #1: For the two videos below:

1. Describe the annual pattern of variability of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
2. Describe the annual pattern of variability in vegetation cover on the land surface.
3. Discuss how these two images are related.

Video #1: One year of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

This video shows a model simulation of the spatial pattern of carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere

Video #2: One year of Composite Satellite Images


This video shows composite images of the Earth’s land from monthly satellite images, processed from cloud-free days, for one year.

PROMPT #2: Using the two videos above and the graph of carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations at Mauna Loa (Graph #1 below):

4. Discuss how the annual pattern of variability you see in the two videos (Video #1 and Video #2) is related to the longer record of carbon dioxide observations at Mauna Loa (Graph #1 below). What is different between the picture you get from the annual records and the longer-term record? What is similar?

Graph #1 Mauna Loa CO2


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