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Reading Responses Questions for How To Think Theologically Ch. 7 & One.Life Ch. 11

Project description
How to Think Theologically (HTTT) Chapter 7


1. What is the meaning and scope of vocation as it is used in this chapter? How do the authors relate vocation and theology?

2. What does it mean to be called? In what ways are Christians called?

3. Identify and explain the importance of the “diagnostic” questions Christians might ask in determining the “reasons” for performing a service or ministry.

4. When you are put in a situation that calls for a response, how do you go about deciding what is the best coarse of action? Describe your thought process.

5. On a larger scale, how do you go about deciding on your vocation(calling) related to your life purpose and work? What issues have you/are you considering? How is this a theological decision? How does such a question relate to Christian Faith and Life?

One. Life Chapter 11 Vocation

1. Identify the four things McKnight says todays college students want out of a job or career. What are they? Do your agree or disagree with them? Why?

2. Imagine that a very good friend comes to you with this question: As a follower of Jesus, you are having a difficult time knowing how to live in a way that really matters. How can you know what is best for my life? Drawing on the ideas presented by McKnight in Chapter 11, list and briefly explain the three or four most important and helpful pieces of advice you would share with your friend.


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