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Students will choose one Human Rights Issue that they think is the most important issue and will write an original essay. Students will argue about their belief and reason why the chosen issue is the greatest priority in the contemporary world. Students will explain key reasons for identifying the chosen issue as the greatest human rights priority; the criteria used in determining why their chosen particular human rights problem should take priority over others. To this end, consideration of the ethical foundations and frameworks for human rights covered in the first three weeks will be useful. In this section, students will not only identify a human rights priority but also to defend their choice using concrete ethical reasoning.

Think of this essay as a persuasive piece of work that allows you to construct your beliefs and arguments. Finally, in addition to explaining and defending your position in general, students will need to identify a specific human rights organization working on this issue that is worthy of receiving funding from Australian government and other major donors. This essay would make use of unit readings (required as well as additional sources], appropriately referring to the source in proper citation format. The essay would require a formal structure; useful guidelines are provided as a separate document on the Moodle site).

Essay assessment criteria

– A logically-structured and well-written argument that addresses the chosen topic clearly,
concisely and effectively.
Demonstrated knowledge, understanding and critical grasp of main arguments contained in the relevant literature.
Any claims made are supported with good quality evidence and reasoning such as the use of scholarly sources rather than poor quality, non-peer reviewed sources.
Extent and relevance of research.
Quality of written expression.

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