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Research on network design

Research analysis for the given case study.

Provide a report based on the research on the articles and current networks that are available in the market. Base the research on 2-3 similar companies that have similar configuration as needed for this case study.

Provide an Information system analysis for the network design for the case study based on the following deliverables.
1. Physical and logical layout of the ICT network infrastructure to be deployed at Palm View Resort
2. Estimation of hardware/software cost for the whole network system

Base the analysis on references from current systems in place.

Case Study Details
A recently formed company has the primary objective of developing, promoting and servicing a Holiday Resort in the North of Queensland. They are critically aware of the need for a completely integrated information technology system to support the various aspects of the Resort. They have approached you to design and implement a proposed system as your reputation has grown since your group saved the state library from a recent worm virus disaster.
The outline of the proposed business venture is as follows.
Your assignment report is not restricted to what is contained here, as your research might extend the initial requirements. It has been written deliberately as not to be too prescriptive in its operational area. It is important that the group research what is in the market place to ensure that this new venture is competitive and innovative in what it offers.
“Palm View Resort: Port Douglas”
The resort will be located in the North of Queensland on a 10 acre site that has beach frontage, with palm trees forming a barrier between the beach and the resort gardens, and is in close vicinity to the small village town. The company has been granted the correct building and planning permits and has commenced the layout of the proposed site.
You are required to include the final proposed physical layout in your report with as much detail as required to facilitate the exercise outlined below.
There are two classifications of clients that will be catered for. The company recognizes the need to have a dual operation in order to assist with the financing of the project.
Villa Purchasers:
They will have 30 villas that will be owned by members of the general public. These will be sold before building commences at the market price. This is done as it offers a significant tax break for the purchaser and the exercise this will directly effect the opportunity to secure the finance to complete the project.
These clients have full access to the resorts facilities including pool, tennis courts, restaurants and anything else offered to other guests. (Your decision)
The owners of these units can either occupy these villas fulltime or rent them out to holiday clients through the resort management.
The villas will be 2 or 3 bedroom fully self contained units with parking available.
All villas will be completely IT serviced with all entertainment and communication available.
This is part of the service agreement that is recognized in the purchasing contract. However,
there are ongoing service costs that must be paid as part of the agreement which is dependent
on the time that they spend there.
Holiday Makers:
In addition there will be a further 20 villas and 40 rooms with ensuite available for the
occasional guest who would like to stay at the resort for a holiday.
As outlined above the 20 villas will be 2 to 3 bedroom fully self contained units with parking
available. The villas are serviced weekly, and always cleaned and serviced before letting.
The 40 hotel rooms will only cater for 2 people maximum, wither double or shared twin. Unlike
the villas they offer no cooking facilities, only coffee and tea making equipment. The hotel
rooms are serviced daily and require a good servicing schedule to be implemented.
General Operation:
As previously discussed all accommodation is serviced at various times. The hotel has different
areas that deal with all aspects of running the business. They offer numerous entertainment
options and are involved with outside businesses to ensure that the holiday makers enjoy their
stay. (You are required to decide what is to be offered as part of your research into the field.)
A major part of their business is the promotion of the resort as they need to maximize the room

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