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Research paper – The sustainability and succession strategy of family business

The outline of the research paper:
Research question: how the succession strategy affects the sustainability of family business.
1. Finding and exploiting one or two academic theory to ground the research paper fundamentally.
2. Using case studies to examine and analyze the sustainability and succession strategy.
3. Establishing a new theoretical basis.
The research paper itself should be a literature review establishing the theoretical basis for the and focus on sustainability through succession strategy. This will bring depth to this research paper.
The research paper should be grounded in one major academic theory or perhaps two.
You need to drill deep into established theory in the area and frame your questions for case study examination framework.
In order to have sophisticated study on family business, the case study of two family businesses should be conducted. The two family businesses will be in similar size and the same industry. They will be from different country for further comparison and research. One of the family business should take Australian family business. Another family could be from Hong Kong or Asian countries.
The research will utilize various sources of data, including journeys, books and academic theories to ground the research paper fundamentally. If journal articles are used as references, peer reviewed journeys should be selected.

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