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Research Proposal Grading Rubric (60 points)
(Note: The syllabus indicates that your prospectus is worth 80 points. In grading I will mark 60 points of these points as evaluation for the written prospectus.  Another 20 points will come from class comments on your presentation.
For the written prospectus, I will use the following rubric.

1.    Motivation (12 points)
Does the author start from some coherent general observation and use this observation to introduce the general subject?

2.    Literature Review (12 points):
Does the author summarize enough of the pertinent literature to convince me that they know what they’re talking about?
3.  Experiment Design
a) Design (12 points)
-Does the author present a model illustrating the predictions of their model?
– Is there a clear research hypothesis?
b) Procedures (12 points)
-Does the author lay out a coherent plan for investigating this hypothesis?
-Does the author explain how the data will address the research hypothesis
4. Clarity in Expression  (12 points) Is the writing clear?  Did I understand what you’re trying to say?

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