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Research Report research project involves examining what undergraduates believe will happen when they drink alcohol on its own and what they believe will happen when they drink alcohol mixed with energy drinks. During Week 3 tutorials, all students in PSYC105 will participate in data collection by completing an online, anonymous survey. The results from this survey will form the basis of your research reports. Writing empirical papers is one way that psychologists disseminate research findings.
This research report must follow the APA Style rules, detailed in the “Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.” This is a psychology report, not a biology, chemistry, or law report, so do not use another referencing style. Marks are awarded for correctly following APA Style rules, and you will lose marks if you do not apply the rules correctly.
The research report must be 1000 (+/- 25) words in length. The title page and references are not included in this word limit. Your report must include a title page and introduction (background) section, plus reference list.
Ten articles related to the research project have been sourced for you. You are required to cite each of these articles in your report. You also are required to use at least two more empirical articles that you source on your own. Your additional articles must be published in peerreviewed scientific journals. If you want to use more than two additional articles in order to convey a logical message, then you may. In other words, you must have at least 12 citations, but more is fine, as long as all the articles you cite assist in telling a logical story. In using published research to support and evaluate the research project in your report, you are expected to reflect carefully on the instructions and feedback given during the tutorials.
Participating in tutorials will be essential for writing your research report. During tutorials, the literature will be reviewed, the class project will be discussed, hypotheses will be generated, data will be analysed, and APA Style guidelines will be reviewed. Additionally, you also will assess a past report using the unit’s marking criteria. This activity will be invaluable in helping you to avoid common pitfalls encountered when writing your first research report.

10 reference in this link + 2 your select

o Use this checklist to ensure you have included all the necessary components of a research report in your paper. The checklist contains bits for a comprehensive report–but for Psyc105 you are only responsible for a title page, introduction, and reference section. So only use bits of the checklist that are relevant. You can also use this checklist to guide your presentation development.

report will entail the title page, introduction, and reference section of a research report.

we write about the 10 prescribed articles, plus 2 of our own choosing,
– the introduction will consist of:

1. ‘An explanation of why I did the study’
…which then leads to the reinforcement of …
2. Information to support my hypotheses

So basically, would an acceptable structure be:
(1) General info of all 10 prescribed + 2 elected sources
(2) An explanation of why I conducted the study
(3) A paragraph that alludes to my upcoming hypotheses that is supported from the first two points [(1) + (2)]
(4) Conclusion on a specific 2hypotheses being tested

First paragraph introduces the importance of the problem and the purpose of the study. The mid- section explains why the current literature does not sufficiently address the problem and how the current study addresses that gap. This section sets the reader up for the study. Last paragraph presents well- specified hypotheses that follow logically and articulately from the discussion of the literature.”

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