Research Topic:

Research Topic:
Health and the Internet
Research Aim:
The Research aim is to evaluate the knowledge of the adults living in Perth, Western Australia in 2015 in regards purchasing medication via the internet and to provide a useful data to public health education related to general health.
Main Research Question:
Has the level of knowledge about companies that sell medication on the internet influenced Perth adults attitude in 2015 towards purchasing online medication? Does this differ by age or gender?
Sub questions:
1.    What level of research about companies that sell the concept are WA’ adults undertaking? Does this differ by age or gender?
2.    What attitudes do WA’ adults have towards the concept of purchasing medication online? Does this differ by age or gender?
Key concepts:
1.    Companies that sell medication online.
2.    the concept of purchasing medication online.
3.    level of knowledge of online medication

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