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For this assignment you will be creating a 1-page community handout that presents information about resources that address the needs of an at-risk population in your community. The handout can be used to educate your community, influence policymakers, advocate for additional resources, and even bring with you on an interview with a community agency.

Please be sure to address all of the following in your assignment:

Provide a quote that captures the spirit of a community.
Describe the community and provide an overview of the demographic statistics of population in the community.
Tip: You may begin with the city/town/county website to obtain this information.
Identify an at-risk population within the community that will benefit from the community resource handout (i.e., community members of color, individuals with physical or developmental disabilities, children at low-performing schools, families of incarcerated individuals, etc.).
Examine three reasons as to why this population is considered at-risk (i.e., risk factors may be related to institutional or social conditions within the community, oppression, discrimination, access to care, etc.).
Describe three specific challenges human service professionals may encounter when working with the at-risk population identified.



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