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I think that using IQ as a predictor of academic and economic success is mildly fair based on the fact that it gives a very generic idea of the possible intellect and thinking comprehension of a person and where they can take that potential in the future. I wouldn’t necessarily assume that a person with a high IQ will automatically exceed expectations when it comes to academics and occupation, because there’s so much more heart and soul that goes into those areas than just being “book smart.” Motivation, a strong work ethic, and internal drive are just a few things that come from within and have a huge effect on achievements and goals. Also, the availability of experiences plays a large role in terms of success, as well as the individual’s self-esteem and confidence in their abilities. I know a lot of people that have fairly high IQ’s, but have grown up in poor circumstances, and therefore are depressed and have very little faith in themselves and their abilities. Determination, to me, is a much stronger indicator of whether or not a person will find their way to success, however If I were to wage a guess as to the success of people with high IQ’s, I would say that they are going to generally be successful, as there must be a certain depth to their thought processes to determine what steps to take to achieve the lifestyle they want (education, preparation, foresight, etc…). Additionally, panel study results indicate “the IQ score at age 13 can be viewed as a relatively good indicator for future life outcomes, defined in terms of attained education, occupational status, and marital well-being.” (Firkowska-Manikiewicz, A. 2011). I have to deduce that a person with the gift of extreme intellect will probably work to exercise the limits of their intelligence in all arenas of life, beyond what others with lower IQ’s might even conceive.


Firkowska-Mankiewicz, A. (2011). Adult Careers: Does Childhood IQ Predict Later Life Outcome? Journal of policy and practice in intellectual disabilities.

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