Rhetorical Analysis of a Discourse Community’s Practices

Rhetorical Analysis of a Discourse Community’s Practices

Project description
Rhetorical Analysis of a Discourse Communitys Practices
Pragmatics: the analysis of language in terms of the situational context within which utterances are made,
including the knowledge and beliefs of the speaker and the relation between speaker and listener.

Background: In this class, weve spent the last 8 weeks looking at techniques used to write across the disciplines. However, the techniques discussed have not been specifically tied to your professions practices instead, they have been discussed as one might in the composition discourse community and THAT discourse
communities way of thinking about writing techniques.
Youve written essays with the sole focus of incorporating writing techniques and reading strategies
Our textbook is written by members of the Professional English teacher discourse community, and their objective is to clearly define practices to students who are not a part of the community. They do this by trying to make each of their terms clear through direct language and use of terminology, excessive use of examples, and font/structure changes that are intended to catch you attention and make you more interested.

Weve discussed summary, paraphrase, quotation, reading strategies, essay structure, synthesis, and analysis all from the perspective of the English community. Its not problematic. All of these practices are used in one way or another in each field the only difference between how the fields communicate lies in the way that these techniques
are used. After half a semesters worth of discussions from my discourse communities, were going to change focuses to discuss how your fields write.

write a rhetorical analysis of your discourse communitys written communicative practices. Explain what you find appealing/unappealing about your professions use of technique, and explain how it differs from the English discourse that youve seen so far.


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