Self-Assessment of Organization Development Competencies

Self-Assessment of Organization Development Competencies

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OD-Organization Development

Major Assignment 1: Self-Assessment of OD Competencies
(Objectives 6, 7, 13)

Doctoral-level OD practitioners must be able to evaluate their own competencies in regard to their chosen profession and to design appropriate processes to maximize their strengths and remediate their deficiencies. A reflective practice of self-examination will identify your own professional strengths, challenges, opportunities, and barriers to performance. You will design an individualized professional development plan through a process of reading, reflection, and an analysis of your own needs for knowledge and/or skill acquisition in the field of OD.

You will complete the readings on self-assessment in chapters 25, 30, and 37 of Rothwell et al.; these will serve as a basis for designing your own personalized professional development plan.

Your paper should include a summary of the self-knowledge you gained by reflecting on the readings.

You will also include a section related to your analysis of your own strengths and challenges as an OD practitioner.

You will include a literature review of at least five references related to the professional development you have determined you will need in order to maximize your leadership effectiveness in OD.

Your paper will also include a description of how you will implement and evaluate your professional development plan. Include timelines and benchmarks as appropriate.

Assignment Parameters:

The paper should be 10-15 pages in length exclusive of the title page and include a minimum of five references as described above. The paper must follow APA (6th edition) guidelines and the Fischler format and style requirements.  It may, however, be written in the first person.

Rubric for Major Assignment 1:

Paper is well-organized and complete    _____/5

Self-assessment reflects introspective inquiry    _____/7

References reflect linkage to the literature
of professional development    _____/5

Plan for professional development is appropriate    _____/5

Paper adheres to APA and FSE format      _____/3

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