local news is where the event took place.
For example, the local news coverage for the Columbine school shooting that occurred
in 1999 will be Columbine, CO. National news for the event can be any other news
coverage that covered the event in the USA including Miami, and the global news will
be any country outside of the USA regardless of the native language of the country that
covered the event, including Canada, UK, Spain, etc.
● Was there a difference with media coverage about your topic in other parts of
the world?
● Were the reactions from media consumers varied in other parts of the world?
● Did different movements happen in other parts of the world based on the
● What were the similarities?
● What were the differences?

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Sample Solution


When comparing local, national, and global news coverage of a certain topic or event, there are many similarities and differences that can be observed. For example, when analyzing the media coverage of the Columbine school shooting in 1999, it is clear that major outlets around the world reported on the tragedy. However, depending on where one looks at the news from, there were different reactions and movements associated with this event.

At a local level in Colorado where Columbine occurred, stories focused mainly on memorials for those wounded or killed during the incident as well as initiatives to prevent such an event from occurring again. There was also much discussion about gun control laws which had been debated across America since long before this incident. On a national level within America itself there was plenty of shock and grief expressed by both politicians and citizens alike regarding what happened at Columbine. In addition to discussions about gun control legislation being pushed through Congress there was also discussion about mental health treatment which might have been able to help avert this tragedy if it had been available to those involved earlier on. Last but certainly not least we look to how other countries reacted when they heard news of what happened in Colorado during April 20th 1999. Canada is just one example of another country that held vigils for victims while France hosted services commemorating those who lost their lives in Columbine High School.. As far away as Australia people showed their support by flying flags at half mast- all showing sympathy towards Americans affected by this terrible tragedy regardless of geographical location or cultural background .

In conclusion , though each respective part of the world -whether it be nationally , locally or globally- may focus on different aspects surrounding an issue like the columbine shooting due to culturally embedded values , underlying themes remain intact throughout all levels . These common ideas include expressions of shock , sorrow & most importantly justice for victims who suffered immensely because of one tragic day .

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