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social tourism- individual report

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Plan for the final report
Applied marketing strategy: social tourism in Australia (key issues report):
Structure – no more than 5 pages
1. Topic overview ? company ? product.
2. Industry structure.
3. Trends and challenges.
4. 3-5 issues may be and recommendations.
5. Project report structure.
6. Reference list.

Note: This Assessment Task relates to the following Learning Outcomes:
-Learn how to analyse, synthesise and evaluate marketing strategies. STEPS Management Strategy Model, Consumer Choice Models and Social Behavioural Models.
-Understand and analyse the complexities of the business environment and how these influence marketing strategy (awareness to choice to behaviour).
-Understand how to use market segmentation concepts and generate potential segmentation schemata.
-To understand and apply core marketing strategy concepts like competitive advantage, synergies, positioning and branding.
-The ability to work and resolve complex business issues.

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