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1.-As of 2002, Latino-Americans became the single largest ethnic minority group, surpassing African-Americans (as the single largest racial group), in the United States. Discuss some of the social, cultural, economic, and political ramifications of this demographic shift in the country. Include a discussion of SB1070 and other emerging issues in the Latin community.

2.-The elderly in many Western nations are marginalized and stigmatized as slow, incompetent, and unable to give back to others and society because of their limitations. Many of the inhabitants of these nations look down on the elderly and exalt youth and being young. The elderly in many Eastern nations look up to the elderly and look to them for guidance and wisdom. Discuss the social, historical, and cultural foundations along with the ramifications of both approaches.

3.-It has been found that the American elderly, who comprise 13 percent of our population,consume more than 35 percent of all our total health expenditures (much covered bygovernment paid insurance: Medicare and Medicaid). The cost of funding Social Security is soaring and expected to be unfunded by 2017. By age, the elderly are the most likely to vote in the United States. Have the elderly “figured out” that their voice must be heard through the voting process? Why haven’t young Americans voiced their concerns about issues they face such as the soaring cost of college tuition? If young Americans voiced their concerns as well as the elderly, would programs such as Medicare and Medicaid be cut due to youth competition for scarce resources? If so, what would that mean for elderly health care?

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