Sport facility financing


Imagine for a moment that the leaders of your community want to build a sport facility in your
community. The sport facility will either be an indoor stadium for basketball and hockey or an
outdoor stadium for football and baseball. As a sport professional, your expertise is being
sought to provide insights into which would be best for your community. You research trends in
sport facility financing nationally and begin to form some impressions. Still, you wonder how
these national trends might align with the motivations of shareholders in order to generate the
capital to build a new stadium and the other factors that might enter into the generation of
much-needed financing.
Post an explanation of how a recent trend in sport facility financing would influence decisions
related to the development of a sport facility and why. In your response, explain the factors that
are contributing to this trend. Using a specific example, suggest a strategy for incorporating
these factors into an economic impact analysis.
In formulating your Discussion post, consider the following:

What are current trends in sport facility financing?

What factors are contributing to public subsidies?

How does the community impact the financing of a sport facility?

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