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Strategic Human Resources Management- ‘The Shangri-La Hotel’

Scenario-based Report- The Shangri-La Hotel, Strategic HRM at the new location, The Shard, London Bridge.
The purpose of this scenario-based report is to expose students to carry out appropriate research and write a report which critically analyses and reflects upon the HR-related practices of a real-life organisation (Shangri-La, London Bridge) and the possible HRM strategies which can be used for the organisation in the future.

You are an experienced HRM Manager and have recently noticed that the Shangri-La Group has made a proposal to provide a new location for a hotel in the UK. This location is to be at the Shard in London Bridge. In line with this, the organisation is seeking suitable people to fill a range of positions specifically for this London location of their hotel. One of the positions is for that of a new HRM manager. You have applied for the position and have already been shortlisted. The next step is for you to write a report for the Group Director of Human Resources which clearly shows how you would overcome strategic HRM-related issues for the organisation at this London location. A critical writing approach is expected in the report throughout.

(a) Critically discuss the importance of strategic HRM for The Shangri-La Group at its new proposed London location;
(b) Critically evaluate a range of human resource strategies currently used by the Shangri-La Group and make recommendations for developing upon these for their new London location;
(c) Critically evaluate the formulation and implementation of human resource strategies used by the Shangri-La Group;
(d) Critically analyse the impact of contemporary issues affecting strategic human resource management at the Shangri-La Group, and how such issues should be overcome at their new London location;
(e) Conclusion.

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