Strategic Sport Marketing Plan

Strategic Sport Marketing Plan

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Your task is to develop a Strategic Sport Marketing Plan of 3900 words (plus reflections of 250 words) on a sport marketing issue or topic of your choice.

MMS 308 – Assessment Task: Strategic Sport Marketing Plan

•    Your task is to develop a Strategic Sport Marketing Plan of 4000 words (plus reflections of 500 words) on a sport marketing issue or topic of your choice. Additionally, you will need to prepare and record a 3 minute video presentation suitable for the board of your organisation about the key aim and actions of your plan.

•    Your plan should firstly demonstrate analytical skills and frameworks to develop a comprehensive overview of the marketing background and current situation of your organisation or issue. From here, objectives will need to be developed and strategies and action plans outlined that clearly guide your organisation on its marketing strategy. Your aim is to produce a plan that has consistency throughout its components, and is detailed enough for an organisation to ‘take to market’. See page 2 and 3 of this document for a full outline of the structure and marking guide for assessment.

•    Examples of topics will be provided in class but you may choose any fictional or actual organisation, event or issue within the Australian context. You will though need to ensure the scope of your topic is manageable. It is recommended you choose a sufficiently specific topic for this assessment piece.

•    Lectures and tutorials will assist in the development of key aspects of your plan.

•    The assessment should be completed individually.The assignment is worth 50% of your overall grade (100 marks in total will be awarded).

TASK 1 – Submission of Progress Report
Week 5 – August 21(Submit on Cloud Deakin)

Each student must complete and submit a short progress template which will be provided on CLOUD DEAKIN.
You will be asked to provide the following information in a 250 word response:

•    Summary of your topic or issue?
•    What is an example of a key SMART objective relevant to your issue?
•    What is the most challenging area of the assessment or an area you need assistance with?
•    What are some examples of skills and/or knowledge you think you will gain as a result of completing this assessment piece (approx 200 words)?

You will be assessed on your response for a total of 5 marks.

TASK 2: Submission of Written Marketing Plan
Week 10 – September 25 (Submit on Cloud Deakin)

To guide the development of your strategic marketing plan, the following outline has been provided:

Item    Marks
Introductory issue statement including the focus of your marketing plan and a review of market information. Thebackground, rational and scope of your plan should be clear here.

This major section details the various analyses you have undertaken on the organisation and issue. This section shouldinclude some or all the following tools or analysis: a summary of the macro/micro environment, industry analysis, an overview of the current or proposed product or service, and a competitor analysis. Analysis sections should conclude with a summary SWOT analysis in a table and include a summary statement of this material. Evidence of a high level of research is required here, from a combination of sources including digital or online sources.

These are the specific objectives of your marketing plan. These objectives must be SMART and flow logically from earlier sections.

This section outlines the strategies for your plan and organisation. This should include a clear and justified process of segmentation, targeting and positioning. Following this, the ‘P’s’ of sport marketing should be addressedspecific to your plan(this should includediscussion of the product/service offering, price, distribution and promotions used). A specific promotional plan outlining the tool or communications to be used is recommended where needed.

This is where you set forth your suggested program of what will be done, by whom, as well as the where and when.This section must correlate with the marketing strategy section and should include a timeline of activities and a costed budget (including justification of spend) that would be useful for your organisation to implement your plan. Means of evaluation/measurement and control should be outlined here as well.

The report should include a title page and appropriate headings, use correct English, avoid grammatical errors, have a logical flow and be easy to follow. Harvard referencing style MUST be used for all sources. Deductions will be made where communication, flow and readability are poor. Be sure to include a reference list, inclusive of all reports and sources used as well as referencing where any analytical tools or frameworks are used.




TASK 3: Submission of Board Level Presentation

To complement your written plan, a short video needs to be submitted. This is to be no more than 3 minutes in length and should be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation (with an audio voice-over) in the same file. It is your responsibility to ensure the file format is able to be downloaded in CLOUD DEAKIN for assessment.

Your presentation should be prepared as if it will be watched by the board or key decision makers of your organisation. Given much of the background research and analysis can be assumed knowledge in this scenario, a very brief summary to inform the key rationale and objectives should be the starting point. From here summaries of your strategies and action plans should be the focus of your presentation to provide a condensed but informative view of your strategies and recommendations.

Item    Marks
The following content needs to be selected and concisely delivered within the given timeframe (3 mins only are allocated). As a guide, a maximum of 4 slides of material should be presented (not including title slide), with font sized no smaller than size 20. A suggested outline may include:
–    brief summary of background and situation to inform the key aim, rationale and objective(s)
–    summary of your analysis/research and strategies
–    summary of action plans and
–    closing recommendation to board (may include a summary of the cost of plan and justification or need for the plan to be implemented, as well as how it can enhance their market position or the potentiallong term benefits of the plan if successful – in short, sell your plan!)

You are judged on the quality of your ideas and clarity in summarising and presenting the key areas of your plan. Your presentation needs to be accurately prepared reflective to your target audience (the board of your organisation).




TASK 4: Submission of Learning Reflection
Week 10 – September 25 (CLOUD DEAKIN provided template)

Following submission of the assignment, each student must complete and submit a short template which will be provided on CLOUD DEAKIN.
You will be asked to provide the following information in a 250 word response:

This will require the following information:
•    What do you think you did well?
•    What areas did you not do well or have problems in executing?
•    What skills and knowledge did you gain as a result of completing this assessment piece (approx 100 words)?
•    What has changed in your views regarding sport marketing as results of completing this assessment piece (approx 100 words)?

You will be assessed on your ability to produce a thoughtful response for a total of 5 marks.

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