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Strategy Assignment
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Consider the following realities as you address your selected scenario.
The global population is more reliant on fisheries as a source of income and a source of food than ever before. Annual consumption per capita has risen from 10kg in the 1960s to over 19kg. However, harmful practices and poor management threaten the sector’s sustainability (UN, Food and Agriculture Organization 2014). The global fisheries industry is carbon heavy due to fuel inefficiencies. Additionally, the method of extracting fish from their natural habitat is unsustainable when one considers the fact that 4.5-7kg of wild fish are killed (but not consumed) for each kilogram of shrimp fished out of the ocean. Fish farming or Aquaculture has been seen as an alternative method. However this method is known to ruin the natural habitat where wild fish and other organisms exist.

consider the following potential Strategy Assignment scenarios to complete.

1) China houses the largest fishing industry in the world. The domestic (Chinese) industry is the largest catcher and the largest farmer of fish. Additionally Chinese fisheries represents approximately one-third (1/3) of the world’s total production. China has also been the world’s leading exporter of fishery products, enjoying a balance of trade of 11.6billion USD. What threat(s) face the Chinese economy relative to fisheries? How can China mitigate the primary threat to ensure long-term benefit? Consider the business and the moral/ethical realities.

This assignment will require students to develop specific solutions to the
challenges faced by a specific group/organization related to the student’s Environmental Analysis Report (Evaluation #1). The Strategy Assignment attempts achieve three primary objectives. First, it attempts to develop student’s writing skills that are essential in the business world. Second it attempts to develop students’ critical thinking abilities, by challenging them to analyze the full complexity of the business issues identified in the Environmental Analysis Report. Third, and finally, it attempts to measure the depth of students’ understanding of core topics in the course.
Marks for the essay assignment will be awarded as followed:
Arguments and Content of the Essay – 20 marks
o Identification of the Primary Issue/Problem
o Implication(s) of not solving the problem on the organization o Detailed stakeholder analysis
o Alternative solutions (3 minimum)
o Recommended solution
o Short term and long term implementation plan
o Use of factual arguments and supporting data and materials o Balancing of opinions or perspectives on topic
o Level of detail provided in the recommendations
Use of Course Materials and Additional Research – 5 marks
o Quality and quantity (minimum of 7) of external sources used
o All materials need to properly referenced in the text of the assignment,
using in-text citation, footnotes or endnotes
o Full references must be provided (not just url’s), providing the name of the
author, date, title of the article, and publication/place. o Depth of analyses conducted
Presentation of Essay – 5 marks o Executive Summary
o Professional presented
o Free of spelling, grammatical and typographic mistakes
o Proper use of heading and sub-heading to organize materials o Strength of arguments presented in the case
o Use of consistent and logical argument construction

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