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Successful Purchasing at a non-profit organization
This will be part two from the project which is basically a literature review:
Please read the proposal which was the first part, it will be attached.
A brief background about the topic, I am working at Dubai Foundation for Women and Children you can see the website www.dfwac.ae and it is a nonprofit organization, and I am a Purchasing Executive. I am have difficult time because we do not have a system, therefore the documents will easily be lost. I deal with many LPO (work order forms) which should be numbered and when the LPO’s increase it is hard to keep in track. I also do Payment Certificate attached with invoices and quotations. I work closely with the accountant and the manager (senior financial controller). Please put in mind that this is a qualitative research.
Instructions for the literature review:
Read at least 5 journal articles related to the topic/ Use the template provided – Answer these questions:

Write your literature review for your Individual Project.
What is the objective(s) of your literature review?
What were some of the big issues/ highlights about the topic of interest from each article you are reading?
Put the issues/highlights side by side for comparisons use a table for comparison.
Identify the similarities and differences of those big issues.
Why are they similar?
Why are they different?
What does what you found in (iv) mean to managers, society or people affected by the issues?
What can you conclude from the analysis?
Conclusion is not a summary of your analysis.
Conclusion is your making sense of your analysis by mapping it onto the issue you are examining/researching.

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