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Please follow the attachment.

Analyse succession planning in nursing leadership& management: 450 words

–    Identify succession planning & analyse its importance for nursing leadership & management.
–    different theories & prospective about succession planning in nursing
–     The impact of succession planning in nursing practice especially in recent years
–    Weaknesses and strengths of succession planning in nursing

Critical reflection succession planning in nursing leadership& management: 650 words
–    To be honest, I was not aware about the concept of succession planning before.
–    I haven’t seen any sign of succession planning during my practice in my workplace
–    The barriers that could prevent my workplace from implementing succession planning.
–    Try to breakdown those barriers and what can be done to tackle those barriers in future
–    What can I do in my future practice regard succession planning

•    Please note that you don’t need to include introduction and conclusion, I’ll work on it.
•    please include the references page numbers, I need to look at it and may expand some of the ideas.
•    Please use recent references ((10 years)) and easy to find.

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