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sustainability and system thinking

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Each individual student is required to develop a scenario on an organisation of their choice. Essentially this scenario should be a vision of how in 10 years or more, the organisation of your choice will operate.
Your scenario will need to be in a structured form and should be c2000-3000 words, +/- 20% not including bibliography or appendices.

Please note that as your scenario needs to be supportable and robust, your paper outlining the scenario should contain the following elements:
An executive summary of 300 words maximum, outlining your future scenario/vision of your chosen organisation. This summary must include some mention of the key trends and developments that enabled the vision
An introduction – acting as a guide to the reader for the paper
A discussion of the industry/market place that your organisation operates in. This outline should include key trends in the market. It is expected that this section will include charts.
A discussion of how the industry currently operates relative to technocentric and or sustaincentric assumptions
A discussion of which trends previously identified will continue/change (at least three trends should be discussed)
A discussion of your future vision (imagined future) for the organisation of your choice. This should include a view on products, services, markets and geographies served. In addition you should consider the operating model of the organisation and its organisational structure.
A discussion of how the future vision maps to sustaincentric assumptions and the gap between this and current operating assumptions in the industry
A discussion of how the future vision will realise more sustainable outcomes utilising a framework provided to them during the course. A consideration of the future vision maps to the sustainable strategy framework provided during the course.
A stakeholder map outlining stakeholders in the industry now and also in the future (10 years or more). This map should also outline the key challenges with stakeholders now and some consideration of what they will be in the future.
Please note that throughout your paper it is expected that you justify data, position, with appropriate sources. Invariably these will not necessarily be peer reviewed academic sources.

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