The effects on the economic disparity in the Horn of Africa region on U.S. interests

The effects on the economic disparity in the Horn of Africa region on U.S. interests

Paper instructions:
Assess the ability of a culture within the Horn of Africa region to influence the local, regional, and global economic disparity and it’s direct effect on U.S. interest-to include the 2nd and 3rd order effects

My personal take on this: I chose economic disparity as it has a large abundance of 2nd and 3rd order effects that have a direct impact on U.S. interest i.e. the epidemic like rise of radical islam, the growing illicit trade market (drugs, weapons, humans, boot-leg market items) etc. Those are the first things that come to my mind but please expand from there with your take! 🙂

here is what I have written so far for the intro (improve upon as you wish!)

The nations within the Horn of Africa (HOA) region have consisently been challenged with adversity dating back to some of the earliest recorded history.  While the kingdoms and nations have evolved and changed over the course of time, the myriad of socio-economic hurdles have remained the same.  To make matters worse, the region has historically rested along a vehemently contested religious faultline.  It is possible to systematically trace almost every daunting concern for the region towards one common problem, economic disparity.  The severity of the economic disparity symptoms has intimated investors as well as business entrapenuers which in-turn has indefinately stunted the economic growth of the region.  The fallout of an empoverished society directly affects other social factors and follows suit to affect even more social dynamics.  These problems have called on to the attention of worried policy makers on the global scale, particularly the United States.

Intro: Must has a clear and specific thesis relevant to the main points.

Development of Content: Major points fully supported by thesis. Addresses implications or consequences of the thesis.  Sequencing of major/minor points effectively supports writer’s purpose. Clear reasoning depicting how the evidence supports main points/thesis. Identified and answered anticipated thoughts, concepts, biases, and prejudices. Transition between points connected to major/minor points.

Conclusion: Clear, concise, reinforced the thesis & major points, and justified by the evidence and reasoning

*APPENDIX: Provide a detailed explanation of the Structural Analytic Techniques employed; and how the techniques were selected; and how the techniques employed provided accuracy to your thesis


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