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The Fairy Tale Years

Directions:?Watch and take notes on the documentary D?isney: The Fairy Tale Years. Then complete #1 – 4 below. Summary/Response: Double­spaced, 2 pages minimum
1. In one paragraph, summarize the documentary D?isney: The Fairy Tale Years. Introduce the source, state the main idea, and include key supporting points and details about the film.
2. In no more than two sentences, give a “nutshell summary” of the documentary. (Still paragraph 1)
3. In 2 – 3 paragraphs, describe your response to the film. Some suggested topics to discuss: What did you learned from the documentary? What is your response to the uprising of fairy tales? Are fairy tales something you grew up watching and watch now? Which ones? What are some of the factors you expect to happen in fairy tales and why? Expand on some of the ideas you discussed in the “20 Questions” activity about animation or television shows. (Remember that cartoons, anime, and non­animated movies can be considered as fairy tales).
4. Include citation for the film. (Will discuss in class).

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