The Guest by Albert Camus

The Guest by Albert Camus

write an analysis essay about The Guest by Albert Camus. The story around 10 pages. I need you to write about ONE of these questions
1. The short story “The Guest” comes from a collection of short stories entitled Exile and the Kingdom. How do the ideas of exile and kingdom develop in “The Guest,” and how do these notions affect our interpretation of the story?

2. The story is about a relationship between two solitary figures, Daru and the Arab, and the bonds that unite them. How do these bonds explain the central question of the text, which is “Why does the Arab take the road to imprisonment when given the option of freedom?”

3. How does the hospitality shown by Daru in “The Guest” affect your interpretation of the ambivalence Daru feels about the Arab’s situation?

4. In “The Guest” does Camus offer a position regarding the presence of the French in his native Algeria? If so, how, and what is it?

5. How does the interaction between Balducci and Daru compare with the interaction between Daru and the Arab? What do these differences or similarities tell us about how Camus might want us to see these three characters?

6. How does the environment in “The Guest” function in furthering the themes of the story?

7. How should we understand the common human bond shared by Daru and the Arab compared to the notion that outsiders, communities, and governments seem to be a threat?

8. Is Daru brave or is he a coward?

9. If we accept Camus’s rejection of the need to impose meaning on life, how do we interpret “The Guest?” What is the message he wants to share with us?

10. If we argue that Daru was the one who wrote the message on the board, how does this change the story and our interpretation of his actions throughout?
so just chose one of these and write about it.
I would like you to not write very good essay because I am not native speaker.
you can have two sources if you want but not necessary.
thank you

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