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The Image of the Classroom
Paper details:
In 5 to 7 pages, present your argument for the image of the classroom. Briefly remind the reader
of your image of the child. Then, outline your image of the classroom as a space uniquely dedicated to learning. Consider: what makes for a “good” early childhood classroom? If an
observer came to the classroom what might they see children doing? What would the teacher
be doing? What features would distinguish the “good” early childhood classroom from one that
was of lesser quality? Use examples from class discussion, readings, and class videos to
support your argument
s. Strong papers will include a minimum of 3 to 5 references to resources
from the class (2 of which must be readings). All papers will be graded based on their clarity,
completeness, and strong use of evidence!!

draw support for their arguments from at least 3
to 5 resources from the class, 2 of which must be readings!!
Now the only reason i picked you to write my paper is because of you seeing and telling me that you can be able to get me a good grade. I don’t want you to change the writer style in any some sort just make it better grammar and i i will show you an example of how on the previous writer wrote the last paper much similar to this and feed back from the instructor so you can know how to write this paper right!
Be SURE TO WRITE THE SAME WAY AS THE PREVIOUS so she knows that i was the one wrote it and not someone else.. understood? Look at her comments from the last paper most importantly cause it help a lot to have a good paper! Just because i paid extra for and advanced writer does not mean i want you to write it any different i just want you to fix the mistakes the last writer accept for a new paper! Grammar wise as well..

As well as for the resources i want you to be able to sync them in with what you are writing for the image of the classroom and i gave you a lot of examples. I have to repeat this several times for the writer to understand i didn’t ask for revision so please follow my instructions!!!

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