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The Liad reading journals

English 7—Writing Questions for Reading Journal Prof. Semeiks
This is not a complete list of writing topics. I’ll be adding to it as we approach new
works of literature on the syllabus.

Read these questions, though, before you read the assigned text or part of a text.
Even though you’ll only be writing about one topic/question, you should, as you
read, formulate some ideas (in your head) about the other questions/topics.

Write each part separately.

The Iliad—Part 1 (1.5 pages)

Group 2—Look at the scene between Andromache, Hector, and their infant son
in Book VI, lines 470-510. What do you find noteworthy and/or puzzling in this
passage? Why does Hector’s son Skamandrios’s  (aka Astyanax) react to his
father the way he does? How can his reaction be analyzed symbolically?

The Iliad—Part 2 (1.5 pages)

Group 2—In Book XVIII, what is Achilles’ reaction to what happens to Patroclus?
Look particularly at p. 243 and on pp. 244-245.  What does Achilles have to say
about anger?

Total: 3 pages

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