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The Nature of Hamlet’s Ghost

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Write the essay below:
The Nature of Hamlet’s Ghost

There are numerous print and online editions of Shakespeare available.
1. The Folger Shakespeare is an excellent choice.
2. If you are interested in the most scholarly edition, choose the Arden Shakespeare series.
3. If you want to read Hamlet online, I would recommend the version at Shakespeare’s Words Web site because it gives both line numbers and definitions of words not commonly used in modern English.
You can also access Hamlet for free online at any one of the sites listed below:
4. The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (mit.edu)
5. The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (opensourceshakespeare.org)
Regardless of the version you choose, I strongly recommend that you use a version with line numbers. These will be very helpful when citing your quotations in your papers.
View the following:
• The Simpsons – Hamlet Parody [Video File] [05 min 24 sec]
• Sesame Street: Patrick Stewart Soliloquy on B [Video File] [01 min 26 sec]
This activity guides you through analyzing the appearance of King Hamlet’s Ghost. This figure sets the rest of the play in motion. Forming an opinion about what King Hamlet is asking Hamlet to do (and whether this request is moral or not) will color the rest of the work that you do with Hamlet.
For this activity you need to have read and, ideally, re-read the following scenes which concern the ghost of King Hamlet:
Act I, Scene i – Bernardo and Marcullus seek Horatio’s advice about the ghost
Act I, Scene ii – Hamlet is told about the ghost
Act I, Scene iv – Hamlet sees and decides to follow the ghost
Act I, Scene v – The ghost discloses his untimely murder and Hamlet decides to seek revenge
Act II, Scene ii – Seeking proof of the ghost’s tale, Hamlet enlists the help of the players
In a primary post of 500 or more, respond to the following questions about the appearance of King Hamlet’s ghost:

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