The Naval Treaty

The Naval Treaty

Main Task:
You will compose a 400-word analysis about The Naval Treaty on a topic of your choice. You may write about the text alone. You may write about the Granada TV production alone. Or you may write about both.

Format it this way:
400 words
Font: Times New Roman
No extra spaces between paragraphs. Please indent instead.
Put student data at top left corner
Number your pages / put last name before number
Please staple your pages BEFORE class.

What NOT to write about:
This is to be more complex than a mere comparison / contrast paper. We have covered the relationship between Holmes and Watson enough. Weve also covered their personalities and tastes enough. Therefore, papers that limit themselves to those topics will not earn a very high grade.

Important to do:
Make sure your paper has a main idea and then uses specific examples to support that main idea. Use quotes and page numbers, but be careful not to overuse them. The reader wants to know what you think. You may use an outside source as long you cite it and have a Works Cited page.

Here are some possibilities:

The Victorian setting
Holmess relationships to objects
Watsons relationship to objects
An aspect of cinematography such as color palette, Mise En Scne, composition, sound effects, music, camera shot, etc. See attached.
The role of women
How does class affect the plot? What are the various attitudes between classes and the attitudes members of each class have about themselves?
The role of family
The hierarchy of Victorian society
Personal honor and reputation
The relationship between the consulting detective and the police detective
Age differences
Holmess actions towards the criminal in the end
Wealth / poverty / possessions
Engagement / the betrothed
Mental incapacitation (nervous breakdown, etc.) / mental illness / sensitive natures / Victorian brain fever
The Watch (nowadays, we would call this the stakeout, where Holmes asks Ms. Harrison to stay in a particular room until she retires for bed, after which Holmes watches for the criminal)
How Conan Doyle builds suspense
(choose two from the list above only


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