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The Negro Speaks of Rivers – Rivers symbolize African Americans’ Worth

The paper should argue that Langston Hughes uses “rivers” within The Negro Speaks of Rivers poem to symbolize the value of African Americans.
River Euphrates represents African Americans’ civilized nature. The Congo signifies African Americans’ resilience. River Nile represents African Americans’ handicraft skills. The Mississippi symbolizes the immense labor that African Americans provided to America. The essay should examine how rivers Euphrates, Congo, Nile and Mississippi symbolize the value of African Americans in The Negro Speaks of Rivers poem. Citing Sahai , the essay should contend that River Euphrates signifies the enlightened character of African Americans. When in America, African Americans benefited this nation by introducing such civilization.
Based on the natural vagaries that plague Africans around the Congo River, the essay should argue that Hughes uses this river to symbolize African Americans’ hardiness. To validate this assertion, the essay should use Mataen, he explains that various tropical ailments characterize the Congo River Basin. To survive such situations, toughness is necessary. African Americans have infused America with this resilience.
Additionally, the essay should contend that River Nile and its surrounding pyramids represent the excellent handwork of African Americans. To support this statement, the essay should cite Alford who explains that the ancient Egyptian pyramids featured intricate architectural designs. While constructing the pyramids, African Americans acquired excellent architectural skills that have benefited America.
Based on America’s era of slavery, the essay should argue that river Mississippi symbolizes African Americans’ profitable contribution to the USA. The essay should use the account of Brown  to show that Hughes refers to a boat journey that president Abraham Lincoln made down the Mississippi river. During this trip, Lincoln witnessed the horrors of slavery. Lincoln’s experience on the Mississippi river confirms that African Americans provided beneficial labor to America.
In conclusion, the paper should underline Hughes’ historical prowess by arguing that The Negro Speaks of Rivers poem uses rivers Euphrates, Congo, Nile and Mississippi to underscore the benefits that African Americans have conferred upon America.


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