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The paper is a case study of yourself as a philosopher.

Paper details:

Your final paper is to be approximately four pages in length (Times New Roman, 12 point font) and should be submitted in the TESTS area as an attached file. The following guidelines should be followed when preparing and submitting your final paper:

1. The paper is a case study of yourself as a philosopher. In the study of philosophy, as you have seen, we must — in some sense — become philosophers ourselves. In other words, to study philosophy is to do philosophy. In doing a case study of yourself as a philosopher, you will explore how you have or have not been affected by taking this course. Your case study may include anything that you feel is worthy of inclusion; however, it must include the following:

a) a review or analysis of yourself as a philosopher before taking this course;

b) an evaluation of yourself as a philosopher while taking this course;

c) at least two quotations from your readings that were most important to you;

d) how you think this course may have affected you or changed you; and,

e) some advice relating to philosophy that you give yourself regarding your future.

2. Your paper should be approximately five pages, double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12 point font. You do not need to footnote quotations or any use of sources; however, you should properly identify sources within the text of your paper (either in the text or with parenthetical notations).

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